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14 05 2010

Welcome to Aronite thinking

It is a Forum for the advocacy of Rational and Liberal intellectual defense of the Hindus Society and its legitimate rights in its only Homeland in the world, that is increasingly under attack and infringement by a well entrenched lobby of pseudo-liberal and twisted secularists whom we plainly see as doing a hatchet job for its self chosen and historical enemies.

This intellectually bankrupt and vehement crowd pose instead as true intellectuals espousing the cause of secularism, while in fact they are a motley crew of saboteurs and subverters of all humanism, working hard for the furtherance of obsolete cults like Marxism and Churchianity.

In Islamic Jihadism they see a great ally, and hence their present clamor for justifying and deflecting this issue in order to strengthen its growth.

Aronite thinking welcomes all free thinkers, including agnostics and atheists, who feel that the liberal Hindu Society would be anytime a better place for free thinkers, than the utopian theocracies that had already been established on both sides of India, and is poised to someday materialise in the rest of the Hindu Homeland.

 Aron’s collected works can be had free, at Scibd.com

– type search Aronite thinking

 Dont forget to drop a word of your feedback.

If you strongly disagree, don’t bother, we believe in- you are either with us, or against us !




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